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TV Aerial Installation

If you’re looking for a reliable TV aerial installation service, then look no further than Satellite Steve. We operate throughout West London and pride ourselves on offering a fast and reliable aerial installation service at a price that’s right.
Perhaps your TV aerial is old and is having an adverse effect on the quality of your reception. It may have been damaged in a recent storm, or the cable sleeve may be worn through. There are lots of reasons why your TV aerial, or its connecting cable may be causing problems with your television reception. This is where Satellite Steve can help. We will quickly identify the problem and do a complete repair or replacement on the spot.
Sometimes, problems can be caused by ‘too much’ signal. All often people buy the highest gain aerial they can get their hands on, when the reality is they’re too close to the transmitter for high gain to be of benefit. In fact, it can also have an adverse effect on your reception. Using our specialist monitoring equipment, we will install a TV aerial which is perfectly calibrated to the transmitted signal in your area, giving you a crisp and clear reception in West London.

Affordable TV Aerial Installation in West London

Here at Satellite Steve we pride ourselves on offering an affordable and reliable service. Our many years of experience installing TV aerials & satellite dishes allows us to keep our pricing competitive, as we don’t waste your time and money scratching our heads wondering what to do. We have installed and repaired hundreds of TV aerials throughout West London, and on all kinds of buildings; both residential and commercial, bungalows and high rise flats, even boathouses and listed buildings. You’ll struggle to find TV aerial installers with more experience than Satellite Steve.

For more information, contact us on 07776 143 608, we’re happy to help and eager to please.

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